IT IS CONFIRMED THAT CHEDDAR’s will be building a new 13,000 Sf restaurant in #onlyonealbany at 1205 N. Westover Road. Yes, it took 3 years plus 1 additional year to finalize the deal, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a couple of “TAKEAWAYS” in the hope that the Leaders in positions to influence positive growth will act or be held to a higher standard so this Community we all call #HOME can get better at attracting #jobs, building #betterbusinessclimate and grow #moreinvestment. THIS WAS NOT AN EASY PROJECT TO FINALIZE AND PERHAPS IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED A YEAR OR TWO EARLIER IF:
1. The BUREAUCRATS would do what they say. County Administrator Richard Crowdis promised to contribute half the funds from SPLOST to help clean up the ditch and fill so the developer could build a parking lot over it. NEVER HAPPENED! This money went away when a lawsuit had to be settled on the Thompson property downtown that the County didn’t properly compensate the owners for when they condemned it and built the Riverquarium. Instead of using SPLOST $$$ to create #jobs, it was spent to correct bad business dealing of the past. After 6 months, Mr. Crowdis finally called the Cheddar’s people and left a voice message that he was NOT going to help. #richardcrowdis

2. Four months after securing commitments from the City and County to work together and address the unsightly ditch, the developers of the Cheddar’s had to reach out to State Representative Ed Rynders to ask his help in making these commitments a realty. At the time, they were thinking Albany, Dougherty County were part of his district. It turns out, that he is pro Lee County and not For Albany, and proceeded to have Rick Muggridge and Winston Oxford reach out to Cheddars and offer to give them free of charge 4 acres next to WAL-MART that Lee County owns and to grant them sewer and water taps at no cost, when everyone else has to pay “impact and tap fees” to offset the $25 million the Lee County Utility Authority owns for buying all the private sewer and water systems years ago. This distracted Cheddars for several months and damaged already fractious relationships between the City of Albany and Lee County. WHERE IS THAT REGIONAL SPIRIT THAT OTHER SUCCESSFUL THRIVING COMMUNITIES SHARE? #winstonoxford #rickmuggridge #edrynders

While these are just a couple of the issues that had to be worked through, there were plenty more, and that’s why the real estate development and brokerage business is not just for everyone. At the end of the day, we got paid a fair fee for our services and are pleased to bring #economicgrowth to the community in the way of a fine quality eating establishment. The score cards reads as follows: 65 low to medium wage jobs created, $5,500,000 in sales tax revenue per year and over $35,000 per year in property tax collected by the City and County #win. Also this project speaks volumes to one Albany’s differential advantages of having one of the highest “retail draw factors” in the State of Georgia. #SWGA REGIONAL HUB. So we encourage all people living and working here to tell our story, come eat with us and shop in our stores. We are glad you came to visit… your social media marketing partner